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Root Canals in North Canton from Julie M. Thomas, DDS

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Root canals are teeth-saving dental treatments that help patients battle serious dental infections while preventing the need for tooth extraction. If you have a painful or infected tooth, Dr. Thomas can provide the essential care you need with root canal therapy in North Canton, OH.

The Importance of Root Canals

Root canals have an unfortunate reputation and are often compared to the most inconvenient dental procedure you could need. However, root canals are vital treatments that relieve patients of the pain caused by tooth infections and allow them to forgo the complications of having to deal with an extracted tooth.

Through root canal therapy at her North Canton dental office, Dr. Thomas can remove the source of the infection, clean and disinfect teeth, and restore teeth to their original appearance and function. Root canals are beneficial treatments that help you maintain oral health while relieving pain and discomfort.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Patients require root canal therapy when the inner portions of teeth have been infected. Bacteria can gain entry to root canal systems through fractures and extensive decay, negatively impacting what is known a dental pulp -- the nerves and tissue inside teeth.

During a root canal, Dr. Thomas creates a small access point on the top of the tooth and uses specialized, slim instruments to clean and disinfect root systems of teeth. Once free of harmful bacteria, your tooth is sealed and a dental crown is placed, so your tooth is healthy and strong. With the use of local anesthesia, many patients compare root canals to receiving a standard dental filling.

Same-Day Emergency Root Canal Services in North Canton

If you’ve suffered an accident or injury that has fractured and cracked teeth, it’s possible that bacteria has been able to compromise the inner portions of your damaged tooth. If your tooth has become painful, tender, and discolored, it’s vital to seek root canal therapy to help save your smile.

Dr. Thomas provides same-day root canal treatment for infected and painful teeth. Treatment takes only about an hour. You can leave our office feeling comfortable and relieved of the discomfort that tooth infections can often cause. Don’t put off dental intervention for a painful or damaged tooth. Seeking root canal therapy early can save your tooth and prevent extraction.

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Dr. Thomas and her team provide gentle, personalized care for patients with infected or severely damaged teeth to help preserve their oral health. If you have questions about whether you may need a root canal, contact our office today for your next appointment.

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