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Welcome to the North Canton dental office of Julie M. Thomas, DDS. Dr. Thomas and her staff are committed to your comfort and providing the highest level of care for your dental needs. Whether you require advanced cosmetic dental services, or routine teeth cleaning, you’ll find skilled and friendly oral health professionals, as well as the latest in dental technology, at our office.

Become Your Best Self with Gentle Dentistry

Dr. Julie is well known by her patients for providing exceptionally gentle dental treatment. The entire staff at our office focuses on compassionate, caring dentistry – we want to make sure you can enjoy a healthy smile and receive the education you need to prevent future problems with a strong at-home oral health regimen.

In addition to preventive patient education, Dr. Julie provides the following treatments to give your smile a boost in health, function, and beauty:

    Dr. Julie has completed additional training in cosmetic dentistry, allowing our patients to receive high-quality care to ensure that their smiles look their best. Each comprehensive new patient exam includes X-rays, oral cancer screening, and full periodontal charting to better understand your health status and your needs.

    Before beginning any procedure, Dr. Julie takes care to explain each treatment thoroughly. Part of our commitment to caring dentistry is making sure that our patients understand all facets of the treatment process and have knowledge of cost and final outcome.

    Caring Dental Treatment in a Spa Atmosphere

    Our spa-like dental office in North Canton offers the comforts of blankets, pillows, massage chairs, waiting room refreshments, and TVs in all treatment rooms. For patients with dental anxiety, Dr. Julie even provides nitrous oxide to promote feelings of relaxation during care.

    To learn more about our office or to schedule your next oral health visit, contact our North Canton dentist, Dr. Julie Thomas. Our whole team looks forward to giving you the smile you deserve.

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    What Our Clients Say About Us

      Wayne M.
    • "Dr. Thomas does.amazing work and I am so delighted with my new smile. Her office is friendly and service oriented. I recommend her wholeheartedly!!!"
      Barbie P
    • "Dr. Julie Thomas is a fantastic dentist. She’s so nice when she sees me. The dental hygienists really know what they are doing. They do that thing we’re they ask you questions when their hands are in your mouth, but at least they let you answer by taking their hands out. One time, Mike, her son, filled my three cavities and he did a good job. He flirted with one of the shadowers the whole time, but it was fine. If you’re ever cold, they offer you a blanket straight out of the dryer. Every time I go, even for a cleaning, they have me a pillow so my head is comfortable. Talk about comfortable, some of the chairs give you a massage, very classy. The waiting room is kinda small, but that’s okay because your usually don’t have to wait long. They also have a Hot water thing so you can make coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, plus there is a fridge filled with beverages right when you walk in. I highly recommend Dr. Julie Thomas as a dentists. My teeth have never been better. We love you!"
      Emma S.
    • "We have been going to see Dr. Julie for about 20 years and have to say she is absolutely great! She and her staff are extraordinarily efficient, talented and most personable. I always feel comfortable and taken care of by their entire team. And what a "team" they are! Always pleasant, knowledgeable and work together in such a seamless fashion that makes one feel special, making even the more "painful" procedures much more bearable. Highly recommended!"
      John D.
    • "Had my front teeth fix two months ago and today I have to go back and have one redone as it broke again. Hope this time the work is better than the last time and I hope they don't charge me to fix the same tooth they did already."
      Connie V.
    • "I have been a customer of Dr. Julie Thomas for almost 7 years and each year the experience keeps getting better and better. I go for 3 dental cleans each year as I wear retainers every night and feel the extra clean is definitely worth it. I absolutely love the fluoride treatments after each clean however I wish my insurance would pay for it. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I always look forward to my next cleaning. Dr. Thomas is always helpful and takes the extra time to discuss any issues with her patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Julie Thomas and her staff!!!"
      Karen B.
    • "Have been a patient of "Dr Julie" for more than five years. Competent, courteous, professional. No thoughts at any time of changing to a different dentistry team. I'm well out of my "20-something" years when dental issues were rare. She explained everything clearly and formulated a plan of action for me when I first visited. Very satisfied with the outcome."
      Dale Lam.
    • "I had a wonderful experience with this office and staff. Emily was very knowledgeable but also kind. She explained the procedures and even called to make sure I was feeling better, hours after the appointment. I would recommend this to anyone."
      Samantha W.
    • "I hate going to the dentist its a huge fear for me..this place on the other hand makes me feel calm and i actually LOOK FORWARD to it!!! I feel welcome by everyone who works here!!! Who has heard of antibiotic SHOTS that immediately stopped my tooth infection/bleeding or prescription tooth paste?? To me they are not traditional they go the extra step and do great work"
      Sarah M.
    • "My family and I absolutely love Dr. Julie and her wonderful group of ladies! They are very friendly and professional. The best dental practice I have ever been to, thanks guys!!!!"
      Myisha E.

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