TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment in North Canton, OH

TMJ, shortened for the temporomandibular joint, connects a person’s two jaw arches and is responsible for complex movements. When a patient develops TMJ disorder, also known as TMD, Dr. Julie M. Thomas does all she can to alleviate symptoms and effectively treat the issue. At the office of Julie M. Thomas, DDS, patients are greeted with a friendly staff and a dentist who delivers expert care to resolve TMD.

Causes of TMJ Disorder

TMD may be a result of many health or developmental issues such as:

  • Sustaining an injury to the jaw
  • Arthritis and certain connective tissue diseases
  • Long-term chronic clenching and grinding
  • Disk erosion, causing improper alignment

Being seen by our North Canton dentist allows us to thoroughly examine your smile and determine the cause of the TMJ disorder.

Symptoms of TMD

You should visit our dental practice if you experience the following conditions. :

  • Pain in the jaw
  • Facial muscle spasms
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Limited jaw movement

If you feel or hear clicking and popping when talking or eating, this is another sign of inflammation of the jaw joint.

TMJ Treatment at the office of Julie M. Thomas, DDS

If you experience any of above-mentioned symptoms, you should visit our North Canton practice so you may be examined by Dr. Thomas. She checks the range of motion you have with your jaw, the health of your smile, and talks with you one-on-one to discuss the possible development of issues associated with TMD. Facial pain, constant headaches, and decreased dental function are some complications that may arise due to TMJ disorder.

Depending on the examination results, our North Canton dentist prescribes an oral appliance best suited for the needs of her patients. Dr. Thomas then obtains impressions of her patients smiles so a trusted local lab may fabricate custom-made night guards. This oral appliance keeps patients from clenching their jaw and relieves pressure on the facial muscles. This allows your jaw to relax and prevents teeth from wearing down as it eliminates the problem of grinding.

Our dentist provides night guards because patients are likely placing more stress on their jaw when they sleep. If a patient unconsciously clenches together their teeth while resting, they are at a high risk of developing TMD. Dr. Thomas and her dental team want to help patients keep their smiles comfortable and healthy.

For more information on TMJ treatment, contact the office of Julie M. Thomas, DDS, today! Our North Canton dentist and staff want to help patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health. Call (330) 244-9081 now!

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